268 Karangahape Road, Auckland



Its baaack… The Valentines weekend experience that is “Tempt”. You wanted it, now here it is after ramming 500 people through Coherent last year with a night full of awesome costumes, crazy antics and shenanigans and one of the best party atmospheres we have experience in a long time its that time of the year to do it all again.
The Theme:
Dress up, whatever, whoever, how ever, its pretty simple really. Last year we had Adam and eve turn up, a group of Spartans, morph suits, queen of hearts, a crew of doctors and nurses, the forces turned up military, cops, even SWAT, centurions, morph suits just to name a few…
So get into it, get creative, spot prizes of course for the best dressed on the night.

Traffic light system:

– Yup as cheesy as it is, thats back too, isn’t that what Valentines day is all about tho 🙂

– Upon Entry you will choose either a Green, Orange or Red Sticker…

Green =  So … We gonna do this or what?
Orange =  Not so much, but if you think you got game, give it a whirl.
Red =  OMG No !!! I am holiday from the convent the other Nuns will kill me

The Lineup:
– The David Lusion
– Mr Matt G
– Biggi G
– Elmo
– Dirty Crimes
– Jamie Mcalister
– Hooligans
– Stereo Steve
– G-Rex
– Zac E
– Midi Kids
– Guranga
– SLT Features
– Hendrix
– Tekarob

So come one come all, a night of good vibes, killer beats, Kick ass costumes and just good old fun, lets bring the parties back to what they should be about…
$10 doorsales all night
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