268 Karangahape Road, Auckland



Saturday 31st August

With nightclubs all around the country dropping like files, new laws about to come into place governing the closing times for venues and less and less places for you to go and hear solid, underground dance floor grooves, you must be thinking…what the fuck happened to dance music in NZ.
We are wondering too.

And that’s why we pigheadedly forge onwards with Raiders Of The Lost Art.
It’s your light at the end of the tunnel, your silver lining – if you still love dance music and have nowhere to go out and just have a fracking good rave.

Massive big ups to Ink bar for proving it is one of the last venues in town that actually gives a god dam about music.

If you want mainstream, radio hits or run of station – head downtown.

That’s not our cuppa.
Our steadfast policy is only the most cutting edge dance floor bombs spanning techno, breaks, bass music, garage, electro, indie dance and anything else we like the sound of.

Our music collection busts forth with burning hot dubs and our loins glow red with enthusiasm to play them for you.
If you wanna set the floor on fire, smash out some footwork or cut a rug we fully support your decision to set foot inside the ride and promise to never let you down – we play to the floor, not to the chin strokers.
August is our bitch, as we break out with our hand picked mercenaries of bass:

Raiders of the Lost Art – preserving club culture.

Greg Churchill
Timmy Schumacher
Random Play
and Dalai (Animals)
Scot Mach

10pm – dawn

$10 at the door

FB: www.facebook.com/events/152880558249523

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