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World-class club killa DJ Nick Thayer joins Auckland’s best this Easter weekend down at InkCoherent for a two-club marathon you’re not gonna forget.

With releases on the world’s hottest lables (Southern Fried, Passenger, Bomb Strikes and more), Nick Thayer is a rare DJ – the man not only makes the tunes that send us crazy on the dancefloor, but he’s equally well known for blinding DJ sets at clubs and festivals worldwide.

With support from: Timmy Schumacher, Defcon1, Brett BroNZe, Dave Weir, Phully, Aaron Pony Club & Soane.


Taken from www.myspace.com/djnickthayer
We should dub Nick somet’ing hip hop, highballing and staunch like Rubik Exclusive. But, Nick it is, or Thayer or Thayos, or just Nicko when you need a remix done. I chose Rubik Exclusive because currently there is no other DJ who drops a more mixed up, OG, 100% exclusive set than Thayofanus. EVERY TRACK HE PLAYS he has touched. Blogs don’t have it, kids can’t get it, average Joe wants it, but alas that’s what people pay to hear. Expect a set to be his edit, his exclusive, his new one, his remix, his mash up, his lick shot one time air horn. It’s got his funk “all over your face”. Damn I just heard his Mario Bros Vs Too Short mash again on our National Radio station. What made you think that Too Short has anything to do with a bunch of turtle stompin, digital, Italian laborer’s?. They all put in work. Ok, I know that the results send kids wild but…

You know for some bizarre reason Nick keeps mentioning Peter Gabriel, Freddie Murcury and all their bands as a huge influence in his work. By no means would this surmise M-E-L-B’s Nick Thayer, but in an odd way he has entered through the back door like his special peers. I hope I was one of his peers once, because those tables have turned (literally) and I am after him for all the Serato tricks, publishing rights and label copy info. Ante was up when the bedroom producer we all know, took to the stage one NYE with his band to showcase his new work. We witnessed the disco, funk, guitar lick, drum n assss built into a massive showcase of all his talent. Melbourne stand up, Mondo Rock sit down. Your home town needs you more Mr Thay Slay. The situation stands, it will be business hours AUS EST and he’ll be in Antwerp or some Canadian chalet sipping cognacs with A & R’s and A Skills and you’re trying to get him to fill a spot. “Yeah…Ok…. go get your snowboard on, rock the Aussie ex pats, but do you think you can make it back to do the 3 -5?” It’s not like Nick to be braggadocio about it, that’s how you do when your hussle is non stop. He drops new material 24 – 7 – 365 on all these well trained club cats. Over 30 ‘official’ releases to date, a wild amount of remixes and sample packs with publishing gold and TV ads “Oh What a Feeling!!!!”. That’s what I think he said after winning a Breakspoll (Google that!!!). I have witnessed Nick casually trade CDR’s, Mp3s, and zshare files, palm to palm, email to email with the best DJ’s and labels in the world. These aren’t new drink coasters for the Plump DJs, these are bonafied W.M.D.’s. It’s the hussle, it’s the hard work ethic, and it has allowed a world platform from a humble North Melbourne sound lab.

Training up in Melbourne clubs makes you take the world of music, then give back the eclectic nature. That’s the Melbourne sound, that is the rukus of Thayer. OK, you could imagine Nick at Fabric, or MoS, or in Cali dropping some hyphy, but I have been able to drop trax with him at our local, which we are both proud of, but he keeps me stunned at how he holds tight every Saturday. It’s Melbourne’s premiere underground club, Revolver, and his set has inspired many dizzy spells. 7 or so years keeping them moving, I think his sweat is in the floor along with the pilsners, jagerbombs, icey poles, hoover bass and possibly 10 pounds of secreted Dunlop Volleys. The club’s neighbor Frank should get the authorities onto Nick as he leaves, instead of giving management the shits. Wait to you get an ear full of his ’09 album Frank, then you’ll wake the funk up. No Thayos don’t hurt ‘em.


“I can always rely on Nick for the serious club bangers!” DJ Yoda

“Nick Thayer : Keeps it tight, lets it groove and smacks it up – one of only a few dj’s who can program a set without playing badly produced tearout, speeded up big beat, cheese or prog nonsense. ” Dominic B (Stanton Warriors)

“For me , Nick makes some of the funkiest music around today . When it comes to DJing , I would say think Krafty , think ASkillz , and then add a touch of antipodean magic .” Russ Cuban Brothers

“Nick Thayer … came .. me and ripped out an amazing selection of funky breaks tunes, most of which were his own productions and remixes. I was begging him for copies by the end of the night.” A Skillz in iDJ magazine.

“From shades of rhythm in the 90’s to Drumattic Twins in the 21st century we have had a whole heap of remixes of our work over the last 15 years. The Outstanding Nick Thayer & Bass Kleph remix of “Feelin Kinda Strange” is by far the best remix anyone has ever done for us!” – Nick Slater (Drummatic Twins)

“for the dopeist hip hop beats in the breaks check out my main man Nick Thayer ,it’s ghetto baby.” Deekline

“Nick Thayer- the only DJ in the world who’s taken me to the ballet.” – General Midi

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