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Once every now and again a night comes along, a night of quality, underground clubs, banging beats, a night with such specific appeal, that night is here, Niche!

Friday August the 6th see the launch party of Niche over 2 clubs, Ink and Coherent featuring Nick Thayer (AUS) including a live DJ/AV Show that will blow your mind, New Zealand House Alliance (NZ) + many more.

2 Clubs, International DJ, Huge Audio Visual show, The Birth …of New Zealand House Alliance (NZ) all topped off with a killer local support line up all for $10 ($15 After Midnight)

The best part is, rocking out on the Friday gives us all 2 days to recover, this will be a huge night.

So come one come all to Coherent’s newest monthly resident night Niche. Come and witness the pure quality, the booty shaking, fistpumpalicious beats in the one and only surroundings of Ink and Coherent…

Nick Thayer (AUS)
New Zealand House Alliance (NZ)
The North Shore Pony Club
Defcon 1
Big Bry
Biggi G
Midi Kids

More Info at www.fatcatgigs.com

Nick Thayer Bio

There is no-one else who can drop a set like Nick Thayer. Every single track is his exclusive. An original. A remix. A re-edit. A bootleg. A mash-up. Equal parts hip hop, club, rave, house, drum and bass. No-one can put it together like Thayer either. Perhaps it is the throwback rock moves, the seat-of your-pants approach. Feeling kinda like a freight train on the edge of control. Some jams you will definitely know, some you might know, some you definitely won’t. All will make you move.
In the studio Nick is one of the most widely recognised and respected names across a multitude of genres.

Massive tracks like Ca$h Money, Reach For The Lazers, Mind Control (as found on PS2 game ‘Motor Storm’), and the MOP approved Ante Up remix have all blasted through sound systems like dy-no-miiiite. Sway, DJ Yoda, Wizard Sleeve, AC Slater, Sporty O, Trevor Loveys, A Skillz, and Black Noise are part of the long list of people Nick has worked with in the past year alone. With releases on Southern Fried (Fatboyslim’s label), Passenger, Sweat It Out, Klub Kids, Insane Bangers, Bombstrikes, and many more, you’ll find everyone from Kissy Sell Out to Freestylers to Cuban Brothers to Utah Saints rocking his tunes week in week out in the clubs.

May 2010 sees the long awaited release of Nick Thayer’s album ‘Just Let It Go’ through Passenger. Musically it forms an amalgamation of sonic sound clashes. Alongside this Nick has been working with visual artist sevenmilligram creating a DJ/AV show. As with all of Nick’s endeavours this is aimed squarely at the club. The focus is on making you jump, using the visuals to connect in another medium.
There ain’t no party like a Nick Thayer party. Put your rave shoes on and get ready to dance.

“I’m liking pretty much everything Nick Thayer is doing right now”

Kissy Sell Out on Radio 1
“I can always rely on Nick for the serious club bangers!”

DJ Yoda
“You are on fire right now! Nick Thayer!”

Utah Saints
“Nick Thayer : Keeps it tight, lets it groove and smacks it up – one of only a few dj’s who can program a set without playing badly produced tearout, speeded up big beat, cheese or prog nonsense. ”

Dominic B (Stanton Warriors)

“Thayer’s new shizzle is fat funky fresh and fiyahh! Love it’.

Kid Kenobi

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