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AMMO Energy Drink presents:


Saturday 8th September


Returning again for the second time this year, the party that is very much the opposite of what you get on a normal night out on the town.

Expect nothing but the best in Underground House, Techno, Disco and beyond!
Every Minimal Wage party has been going strong till 7am and is full of crazy good times plus a dope vibe that has people dancing for hours!
This time around, we have an extremely talented DJ that is possibly one of the the most technical and skilled performers out of Australia, we present to you, DARIUS BASSIRAY (Aus) from Text Book Music.

Ink Bar DJs will be dishing up the finest Underground House, Techno, Disco and beyond, your dance floor ambassadors are:

  • Tim Richards
  • Matt Drake
  • Tom McGuinness
  • U-khan
  • James Ohh

Minimal Wage has invited the Mixed Crate crew to host Coherent and look after your Liquid DnB needs, all the goods will be delivered to you by:

  • Andy Beck
  • Rhyas
  • Gull
  • Revere
  • Aspect
  • Wilkz

$10 before midnight

10pm – dawn

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/313010662122214/

The Lowdown on Darius Bassiray (Aus)…

Darius Bassiray is currently one of Australia’s most in demand electronic acts, equally at home playing discerning, intelligent and forward thinking DJ’s sets as well as his new LIVE outfit Text Book Music with Paul Beynon which they recently signed with Pull Proxy Distribution in Germany.
Darius regularly tours through out the world playing everywhere and anywhere from Kaula Lumpur, Texas, to Auckland – recently headlining the main room at Pacha in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was also recently invited to play the warm up set for Deetron at the 2010 Balance Party at the Miami Winter Music Conference, USA.

Darius as a DJ he has played most of parties & festivals throughout Australia, and is regarded as one of the best warm up DJ’s in the country, through his attention to detail in relation to programming and knowledge of how records translate to creating a mood for a floor; equally at home playing the warm up for a Danny Howells’ Dig Deeper concept in a night club, before Steve Rachmad at a mainstage Techno Festival, or setting the room up for a Balance Party by the beach in Miami.
Darius as a producer has released music on many benchmark labels; recently alongside Donato Dozzy’s album on the distinguished Further Recordings, Chris Fortier’s Fade imprint, Dieb Audio, and many many more.
His records have been charted and caned by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Magda, Brothers Vibe, Slam, Laurent Garnier, Terry Francis, Dominik Eulberg, Craig Richards, D.Diggler, D.A.V.E the Drummer, to Chris Fortier, Nic Fanciull & Silicone Soul. After moving on from his running involvement with Darkbeat, as well as deciding to DJ solo away from his highly successful 8 years stint as a part of Rollin Connection in 2012, he made the decision to form his own event ‘electric owl’ – a party which is breathing some much needed life in the Melbourne scene, hosting fresh and innovative acts such as Move D, Fred P, Moodymann, Roman Flugel, Pantha Du Prince, Martin Buttrich & Lusine in 2012 alone.
He formed a LIVE outfit in 2012 with Paul Beynon under the guise Text Book Music, which is also their record label. The label has gained the respect of many of the worlds best tastemakers and was recently signed to Berlin’s PullProxy distribution. The two have quickly earned the respect of their peers with their debut performances at world renowned KUBIK, and many other shows all receiving rave reviews.
Their LIVE sets have been abstract and forward thinking, the ethos of their label with dynamic house, glitch broken beat, electronica through to deep techno all within a LIVE set. The way in which these sets are presented are totally unique to the pair through innovative programming that breaks the boundaries of how a live set is constructed, with total improvisation and on the fly with live keyboard synth work, FX, and beat arrangement, each set and its of its tracks are presented totally different on any given night. Opting for the quality over quantity approach to music, Text Book Music has released 4 EP’s from artists such as Chris Fortier, Habersham, Darius Bassiray, Rob Dowell, Paul Beynon and Stuart Mckeown, Bassiray is just about to drop two more singles on the label with confirmed remixes from the likes of Jay Tripwire, Deep Child, Nadja Lind and many more. Whilst Beynon will be dropping a solo EP soon on the label, the pair have also been commissioned for a remix for Mike Callander album ‘Antarctica’ on Haul Music.

His style always remains current and versatile which is evident by his consistent booking schedule for an array of different parties, and many world class divergent international acts requesting Bassiray to warm up and close events they play at. In the words of Danny Howells in regards to Darius’ warm up abilities,
The top 10% of any warm up I have had – THE fuckin’ warm up to end it all“.


TextBookMusic: http://tinyurl.com/8x8pjx2

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