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Saturday 7th January

Right, down to the point.
Underground House and disco with a minimal edge to it, is what this is all about, a night where you can break away from what you hear in EVERY single club around Auckland. We have a couple of internationals flying over from one of the homes of the sound, Berlin!

Without a doubt, will most probably cause some carnage at Ink with their forward thinking styles. Heres a bit about them:

ANNA LEEVIA (Berlin, Germany)

Anna is a Brazilian girl who loves the audiovisual universe and knows that a good mix is worth a lot more then a thousand words. Her interest in electronic music came when she heard Atari Teenage Riotplaying in the metal radio she used to hear.

Graduated in radio & TV, Anna is against labeling her sound. Influenced by artists as varied as Mark Henning, Guido Schneider, Masomenos, Martin Buttrich, Trent Reznor, Prodigy, Marilyn Manson and Addictive TV, she builds her way through the music, giving the audience a trippy experience.

In Brazil, Anna has presented herself in many reputed clubs, like Dama de Ferro and Deputamadre. In july 2008 she played abroad for the first time, in Buenos Aires. Later that same year she had her first european tour, playing in Netherlands, Germany and England. August of 2009 was time for a new tour, playing in Denmark and Germany. In the summer of 2010 Anna was touring Europe again, and had the chance to play in her favorite clubs in Berlin: Club Der Visionaere and Bar25. Anna nowadays lives between Berlin and Sao Paulo, produces a traveling TV show, prepares her audiovisual project and studies music production.Her 2011 tour will take her to Germany, Belgium, Italy, United States, Brasil, Australia which she got to play Subsonic Music festival which was a highlight . Now on her way to NZ for summer and hitting INK for the Minimal wage party .

SANDER (Berlin, Germany)

Markey’s connection to music came very early in life . Growing up in a musical house and family he was soon addicted to all the different sounds, notes and soon started learning all the vocals.
At the age of thirteen he met some friends that were looking for a lead singer for their punk band. Although the band members were all quite young they managed to succeed warming up for some of the biggest bands in the scene of that time .

At the age of 16 Markey got his first taste of non commercial electronic underground music, feeling suddenly deeply in love with this new driving sound. At that point he left the punk life and started djing . Markey was living in Ostend near the Belgian coast but quickly moved to Gent for more musical opportunities there he developed his dj skillz over the years. With former residencies in Club Tijuana, Suite 16 and Make Up club .

After 8 years of Ghent Markey found himsef drawn to the electronic capital Berlin and moved there soon after in Berlin Markey soon started producing together with Yannick Robyns under Robyns and Markey and did 2 releases on the Swiss label Colludo Records and also on the Belgian label Lift Your Head Up working together with different artists and 3 songs with Mz Sunday Luv .
By differences Markey and Robyns friendly chose to each go their own way…

Along with our guests, we have our own trouble makers that will be causing some rukus on the dance floor, featuring:

Mark Emerson
Sam Watkins
Jamie White
Reuben Rivers-Smith

Only a cheeky tenner before midnight

This party is also a farewell for Nergal, who is departing to Sydney a week later so come down and shout him a few…

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