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Translate Presents…
Loxy (UK) Metalheadz/Shogun Audio/Renegade Hardware

Sunday 28th October (Labour Weekend)

Translate’s mission statement:

We enjoy all types of music be it Michael Jackson or Boddika and we believe in providing pure vibes.
We have seen the electronic music scene evolve into something truly global.
Our goal is to bring these facets together and create a unique experience where you can enjoy your specific types of music but also give a taste of your second genres or expose you to something different.
We believe In providing a unique mix of quality musicians tailor made to translate all tastes of electronic music while aligning set times to provide a truly unique journey.

This is our mission.
We are Translate.

Loxy’s discography is a tour through D&B history, and about as thick and chronological as it gets.

It’s the attention to detail that always makes a Loxy production stand out: tough and hard-hitting, with basslines and drums intricately layered with meticulous precision. Building fierce rhythms, his sharply sculpted beats slide against different backdrops: sometimes bringing the feel of a smooth club roller, other times dropping the listener straight into the deepest end of the dancefloor.

With such a vast depth in sound, it’s no wonder that over the years he’s worked with labels as varied as Good Looking Records, Exit Records, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Razors Edge, Digital Soundboy, Shogun Audio and Architecture Recordings.

With this being Loxy’s ONLY NZ show and on LABOUR DAY there’s no excuse not to get you’re dancing shoes on and come down for a rave.

Loxy (UK) Metalheadz/Shogun Audio/Renegade Hardware
Hollow Crooks (Dust Audio/Samurai)
Keepsakes (UK)
Azbo + Mc Risky

10pm – 5am

Limited early birds $5
General Release $10
Door Sales (LIMITED) $15

Tickets available from Dash Tickets

FB: www.facebook.com/events/219405438226612

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