268 Karangahape Road, Auckland



Saturday 5th May



Keynote – noun

  1. Music. the note or tone on which a key or system of tones is founded; the tonic.
  2. the main idea or central principle of a speech, program, thought, action, etc.
  3. the policy line to be followed, as by a party in a political campaign, that is set forth authoritatively in advance by an address or other formal announcement.


Keynote is a night not bound by sub-genre. It’s simply about showcasing the best drum and bass talent from all over the country while taking you on a journey through the spectrum over the night.

This month, we’re focusing on our home town of A to the K. We’ve put together a host of local talent, most of whom have at least a few of their own tunes to jam through the big rig. The rest are what i consider to be some of the best drum and bass dj’s Auckland has to offer.
Come one come all, its not going to be a liquid fest, but it will be a journey through the full spectrum of the tech side. We will be exploring thought provoking music from minimal to neuro-funk and everything between.

Line up:

  • Pakage
  • Hakomi
  • Spec
  • Subverse
  • Mize
  • Cosine
  • Kid B

$5 before midnight, $10 after

Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/110783209054872/

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