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Half Wild NZ Carnivalesque Tour 11′

Half Wild NZ Carnivalesque Tour 11′


Saturday 1st October

Back for yet another year of carnival carnage across the nation, Half Wild returns, touching down in seven of New Zealand’s most talked about locations.
Created to commemorate the origins of dance culture yet also the future of electronic music, Half Wild provides a fusion that brings together the original canivalesque nature of the dance scene, the true art of DJing and the technology that has brought them into the next decade.

Centuries ago the “carnivale” was created in Europe as a release from everyday life – a brief period of utopia. In its duration participants flipped the world upside down by rejoicing in festival with food, wine, entertainment and comedy all whilst releasing themselves from societies prejudice norms. Holding these same values, Half Wild is about putting the rest of the world behind you and having a night to celebrate true dance culture.

Last year we lit the country alight with excitement at every stop, show casing only the finest DJs from across the nation. This year is no different as we continue to spread the goodness of dance music… think Robin Hood – armed with veterans & pioneers of the NZ scene through to groundbreaking up and comers who test the limits of todays technology. Don’t expect to hear a specific genre, expect to hear our artists take you on a journey through their world of music be it techno, progressive, breaks or anything in-between.

This is your opportunity to attend Half Wild in your town and to show your support for electronica by joining the necessary evolution of music and culture that will preserve it’s original foundations.

Sebastian Wild is joined by DJ’s:

Tim Richards

Timmy Schumacher

Rob Warner





Tom M & Jamie White

Chris Scott

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