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Ink Bar

Saturday 27th April

Deep House, Nu Garage, Nu Disco, Classic House
Rolling the grooves.

There’s a theory knocking around somewhere in the dusty tomes of scholars and minds of people who are paid to notice this kind of thing, that society, and everything that it encompasses, works as a cycle. This won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s lived a few years; the economy, politics, the weather, fashion and a whole lot more tend to repeat themselves eventually and though the exact time period the cycle takes may be hard to predict, the fact that it will happen is guaranteed.

There is, however, a slightly more specific theory when it comes to music. Lurking away in the dark recesses of both the internet and more than a couple of theorists’ excitable brains is an idea that a 20 year cycle can be applied to musical trends, influences and popularity with startling accuracy. So, according to said theory, as the ‘naughties’ fade into dimly lit recent memory, it seems to be the turn of the 90’s to become the dominant influence on the musical landscape.
House Music definitely reclaimed a lot of its vitality in recent months


Andy Vann

Jason Kyle

Dean Davis


10pm – dawn

$10 at the door

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