268 Karangahape Road, Auckland


Plus support from DJs Matt Drake (3hr set) and Shaveer (3hr set).


Just in time, the ‘Free State’ of Bavaria has produced a new son to relight its techno torch. Munich
born and raised Dario Zenker is writing his own chapter in the long story of electronic music from
Germany’s dirty south.

It all started with listening to Michael Jackson as a kid, then Dario moved on to underground hip hop to
rile the neighbors. Several visits from the not-so-friendly neighborhood police later, Dario’s father, a
pro audio engineer, introduced the wunderkind to music programming and imparted the tools which
later consumed him. At 15 Dario started to DJ, and not too long after he received his club education
from the Green Room at the legendary Ultraschall.

In 2005 at the ripe old age of 21, Dario landed his residency at Harry Klein which he still maintains
today. 2006 saw his debut vinyl release and in the space following Dario managed to sprinkle his
magic chuga chuga dust on some of the world’s finest minimal techno labels.

Whether DJ-ing or playing live, in just a few years Dario has built up a reputation for freaky
experimental sets which never seem to stay in the same place for too long. Constantly innovating
Dario has never been content walking a straight line with the crowd. To attempt to put it into words:
bomb, duck, cover, swerve, bomb, swerve, bomb bomb.

In 2008 ‘the’ youngin became ‘our’ youngin joining the hallowed ranks of the Vakant crew with Dario’s
split personality ‘Sam Und Er/Womde!’ EP (VA019). Dario’s thick kink finds a natural home here on
the Vakant deep freak out bus bumping and bouncing the club kids wherever they need to go.

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