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Aum are a duo from Hamilton who play music on the dubstep tip. This tour is to celebrate the release of their debut album.

Check at the bottom of this page for a link to download AUM’s latest mix.

They will be playing live incorporating jungle,drum and bass and dubstep into their bassheavy sets.

Support from:

Grind (Auk), Midian (Wel), Selecta Cam (Ham), Dold (Ham), Hybrid (Ham), + Guests.



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AUM consists of Jeremy Graham and Darryl Turner, two local producers from Hamilton, New Zealand who have been making and playing tunes together sine the start of 2008.

The Aum sound ranges from Dub and Ambient, to Dubstep and Drum & Bass , entirely composed, performed and produced by the two. This same ethos is carried over into Aums live performances where their original tracks are cut up, re-mixed and re-arranged to create a cross genre experience, including live elements, blurring the lines between musical performance and DJ style mixing.

Before they became Aum, the two producers had their roots imbedded in Psychedelic-Dub Rock, playing Guitar and Bass in a band together for a year. While embarking on seperate musical education endevours both gaining qualifications in Music Production, the two were to meet up again at the beginning of 08 and eventually started producing tunes together and performing live.

2009 has seen a massive year for Aum, featuring a tour with ‘The Knights of the Dub Table’, support slots including ‘Optimus Gryme’s album release party, playing at ‘Grounded’ , Wellington (which hosted 22 National and International Djs including New Zealand Dubstep Producers ‘Truth’ and ‘Sick Cycle’) as well as playing a handful of local ‘Collective’ gigs throughout the year.

December will see the release of Aums debut Dubstep album titled ‘Aletheia’, synthesised in their own studio featuring local musicians Brendon Putt on Trumpet and Xiyao Chen on Gu-Zeng (a traditional Chinese stringed instrument) and was mastered by Bjorn Arntsen at Wintec Studios, Hamilton.

In the works for 2010, Aum will be embarking on a tour in support of the album and working on a remix release for ‘The Knights of the Dub Table’. On top of this, Aum will also be working on new tunes for forth coming releases including an excursion into more downbeat realms in the form of an EP, as well as continuing to work on material for their next album release.

‘Aletheia’ will be available in selected stores and online at Aum @ Amplifier as MP3 downloads and CD sales. Also available through Amplifier are two fresh tracks from Aum titled ‘Corruption’ and ‘Music=Violence’ which were mastered by Chris Chetland @ Kog Studios, Auckland.

01 Feb 2010

An interview submitted by Shade Muzic.net.nz

How do you describe your music?

Our music ranges from progressive ambient textures to Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and experimental electronica. We create our music in the studio and then re-work, and remix it live, using live instrumentation, sequencing and live dubbing.

What inspired you to become and start Aum?

We both have a passion for electronic music, especially with Drum & Bass, and found that Hamilton was lacking in diverse styles of independent music. We also found that there was a lull in Hamilton’s club scene/culture and wanted to get things moving again. With the help of The Collective (Consisting of local DJ’s/producers), Hamilton is now on the way to having a respected club scene and a booming sub/club-culture.

What will your next release be?

We just released our debut album titled ‘Aletheia’ in December 09, and are currently finalising artwork for our next EP release titled ‘Happiness’ which we aim to release around Feb-March. The EP features a refreshing change of pace from our album material, with more focus on ambient qualities. As usual this will be available as hard copies and digital MP3 downloads via selected stores and online at www.amplifier.co.nz.

Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands, and why?

We highly rate the electronic music scene this country has to offer, especially in terms of Drum & Bass and Dubstep producers/DJ’s, who set a world recognised standard in quality and vibe. Artists of note at the moment are Optimus Gryme, Truth, The Upbeats and Cern, all of who are touring at the moment and releasing tunes around the world.

Who would you most like to support live?

We have been fortunate enough to play a support slot in Hamilton for Optimus Gryme’s album release tour, as well as playing alongside Truth and Sick Cycle at ‘Grounded’ Wellington, which hosted 22 National and International DJs/Producers.

We would really like to play with Paddy Free, who for a number of years has pushed the boundaries of live electronic music performance with Dub legends Pitch Black.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Exploding Beers.

What can you never leave home without?


What can we expect to see from Aum over the next year?

We will be doing an ‘Aletheia’ tour of the North Island around February which we have just started rehearsing for which will include live and DJ sets. We also have a new EP release coming out as mentioned earlier.

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