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THURSDAY 28th January 2010

Local support from:

Dick Johnson, Angela Fisken, Beat Mafia, Corey K, Brett Bronze, Side Kick Nick, Joe B, Danny G,A Side Circus, Jimmy P, Ear Candy, Electric Filth, Jash, Wills Myth, Scott La Funk

Their performances have won them an army of fans, most notably in the form of super-producer Kissy Sell Out – who nominated them as his favourite new DJs as part of the BBC Introducing Tour 2008.
In April, Jaymo & Andy became two of the youngest people to ever record a live Essential Mix for Radio 1 – quickly catching the attention of the stations bosses.
Fast forward four months and the duo have their very own show on Radio 1, and prepare to take their sound global! Crafted with the sole intention of fronting the world’s coolest music, the show promises to be as fun and unpredictable as their rumbustious DJ sets!

As producers Jaymo & Andy have been responsible for some massive dance-floor bombs! Andy’s ‘Big Dipper’ was one of 2008’s most popular jump-up Electro tracks, prompting a flurry of remixes for scene-leaders Lord Skywave, Toddla T & Jokers Of The Scene.
Jaymo, however, first came to the attention of the music world with his Hip Hop infused ‘Tuned In Live’. With support from DJ Touche, Boy 8 Bit & Crookers he quickly found himself delivering remixes for the likes of Skint & Data, whilst notching up worldwide compilation appearances.

At the helm of one of the most exciting nights to emerge from the past 2 years, Moda, Jaymo & Andy George have crafted a brand that stands for cutting-edge music and sleepless nights.
Their Moda parties have simply exploded, growing from a few hundred people in a dimly lit bar to 1600 punters raving hard in a massive warehouse!

With countless gigs at the worlds coolest clubs and an ever-growing discography of heavy-duty club tracks, it’s hard to predict where these boys will be in another 2 years!

Limited Tickets $16 Available from Real Groovy, Route66, and iticketexpress.co.nz

ITICKET LINK – http://www.iticketexpress.co.nz/events/2010/jan/andy-george-and-jaymo/

Youtube Videos

Black & Blue – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5-iT8jzsek

Kissy Sellout Interview – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYKvlWljmg4

On The Road – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axNaxq6ZIYk

5 Things You Should Know About Jaymo & Andy George:
1. Jaymo & Andy play everything from Electro to Disco to Synth Pop & Indie (in fact, it’s probably easier to say what they don’t play!)

2. Jaymo’s old skool genre of choice is French House, whilst Andy is a self-confessed Garage freak

3. Andy keeps his most treasured promos hidden in amongst his unusually large hair style

4. Jaymo has re-occurring dreams about being the third member of Daft Punk

5. As kids Andy & Jaymo used to record makeshift radio shows using 2 cassette players, a turntable and a Radioshack microphone

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