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The last bastion of true underground dance – and still going strong (despite the best efforts of bureaucracy, councils, police etc) – Ink Bar celebrates 14 years of serving up the finest house / tech house / techno / breaks care of the best DJ/Producers that NZ, and the world have to offer.

Ink Bar has had the honor of so many fine bar man/women on board, the quality of which, is matched only by the choicest of patrons, friends … legends!

To celebrate such an auspicious event, we proudly welcome back the gorgeous German, Ian Pooley

One of New Zealand’s favorite pieces of Germany, Ian Pooley returns with a his schultaschelate overflowing with his pick of the freshest top tunes, Whether you like your dance floor deep, funky, tech or beyond, Ian Pooley is the man with the grand musical plan.

The DJs

Joining Ian on the lineup, is long time friend and collaborator Dick Johnson, plus the French technician (of Austrian leanings) Cyril Orson.

Of course the Bunker will be in full swing with residents Lazy Soundsystem plus their guests.

8pm – 4am

$20 door sales

The Lowdown on Ian Pooley…

Ian Pooley is a master of deceleration. Once asked in an interview about his plans for the future he opted for being an angler on a Croatian island. What shines through is his ability to keep his cool. “I’m not interested in braggin’ about producing four tracks in two days” he explains. “Of course it’s technically possible but not satisfying for me.“ As passionate producer and musician, he prefers to take his time for skillful arrangements. Much time, in truth. His album ‘Souvenirs’, Pooley’s latest comment on electronic music and follow up to his album “Since Then” which sold 100.000 units, was released in summer 2004. And four years are an eternity within our fast living time.” I love to create complex sounds and songs“ he elaborates. “And I’ve found out that a great track takes its time.” But as much requested international top dj, he also finds himself at the centre of a hectic club scene, pushed between the clubs of Milano, Kiev and Miami. Still he knows how to adapt and profits from the changing scenes, as open-mindedness is key to his musical approach. Extensive studio work and rapid dj trips are the opposing forces of his life.

In spring 2006, Pooley left his home town Mainz, his base camp for 15 years of highly successful music productions and DJ activities. „I used to enjoy my reclusive life in Mainz especially after returning from a series of international DJ gigs. But when the local scene deflated, I began to miss the creative exchange with fellow musicians.“ The solution to this inspirational trap was his decision to move to Berlin, a trip into the unknown which soon turned into something good. „Recording the new album brought back the fun I used to have” he reveals with a smile. “Currently I’m reviewing my schedule and try to reduce my bookings elsewhere in favour of a local residency and the opportunity to spend more time in my studio.”

Asked about the influence of Berlin he concedes that nothing much so far has sedimented in his personal view although some colleagues wouldn’t agree. He claims that he rather focused on exploring of how much he would get from his vintage drum machines and sound effect gadgets. “The vibe”, he says, rather goes back to my ‘Meridian’ album of 1998”. Still it feels like a great concept of house music for today.

Ian Pooley’s album ‘In Other Words’ examines the changing forces of techno and house but clearly manifests his own voice among all the diverse tongues of electronic music. A journey of songs cutting through a complex soundscape – covering ground from the compelling summer hymn „Piha“ to NuDisco bomb „Heaven“. All in all, the 14 tracks range between the atmospheric, deep and exuberant. His „Intro“ as well as his „Blue Interlude“ serve as an oasis within a sparkling masterpiece. The true beginning marks “5 a.m.”, a hymn where Brazilian-style percussions are getting more and more unleashed, embedded by ever-changing sounds capes. ’It’s You’ draws its power from Pooley’s versatile beats together with smooth vocals and jazzy blue notes. Amazing in its elegance and airiness.

Guest appearances on ‘In Other Words’ are as programmatic as frugal. The first calling summons up Chicago house veteran Robert Owens who (in best Fingers Inc tradition) turns „Learn“ into a lascivious electro chanson. Then there is Tim Fuller who adds his spherical falsetto to „What I got“. And of course, there is Ulf Kleiner aka Perry Colo (a long-standing companion of Ian Pooley) who delivers some wicked organ sounds. Towards the album’s end, the tracks once again take on a funky vibe with a hunch for powerful samba sounds. The rhythmically loaded „Closer“ ties perfectly up to the preceding offerings and presents itself as the climax of the album.

‘In Other Words’ proves how adept and adaptable a musician Ian Pooley is. He manages to sound as deep as progressive, as atmospheric as compelling. The album continues his legacy but also refreshes your mind.
In addition to original works, Pooley has remixed artists such as Deee-Lite, The Cardigans, Daft Punk, Carl Cox and Bob Sinclar.

Download Ian’s latest Mix:

Live @ Amsterdam Dance Event, ADE 2014 (Baut Club) 10/15/2014

Classic Ian Pooley tunes…

900 Degrees: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci9y8_0ziSk

Since Then: www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6SxXwXznsk&feature=related

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