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Velvet sessions*)



Ink & Coherent (full make over)

The Velvet Legend is BACK! – New! Fresh! & ready to re-set the bar again! After six years of endless request, we’re finally bringing back the infamous R22, lush & exclusive ‘Night of Sumptuous Decadence’.

Anthony Pappa (UK) “the DJ’s DJ” – www.myspace.com/djanthonypappa
Bevan Keys (Very special VIP only warm up set)
Roger Perry
Steve Steers
Rob Warner
Tim Richards

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“Every bit as spectacular and well put together as any big name super-club….” “The Funk Factory Lads have definitely got it going on!” “Their notorious R22 age limit and dress code works absolute wonders…,” REMIX MAGAZINE

“Traditionally a night of the best of the best” “Widely regarded as the industry standard” INFUSION

Warming up for the `big one’, Velvet itself, the Funk factory proudly presents the next level in cutting edge entertainment:


We kick of the sessions*) series with a line up of unequaled smoothness, diversity and quality. Expect your expectations to be exceeded, and tell us if they are not! – Featuring the incredible talent of the Djs DJ, Mr. Anthony Pappa, bubbly on arrival + special Bevan Keys warm up set (VIP only) – If you have been looking for a night out produced with real passion, not just for a quick buck… you have truly found it.

FULL 3 ROOM VENUE MAKE OVER by creative director Ferksta- See three rooms of Ink & Coherent AS NEVER SEEN BEFORE…….. Ask Ink staff what Ferk did to the club earlier this year for his birthday!…..

GET YOU R TICKETS NOW and Do Not Miss this HISTORIC party!

This is the real deal friends! – there was and has not been any other event like Velvet. Many have tried, and have produced some fantastic parties, but Velvet still stands out on its own. And now we are poised to take it to the next level in out endlessly progressive approach to how we believe entertainment should be delivered. We care more about your experience than anything else. We promise to leave you gasping. And we will deliver.

DRESS TO IMPRESS – C’mon make an effort!!! – Think out side of the square – this is a celebration!

“For adults with an educated ear”

All Velvets have sold out – do not expect sessions*) to be any different.

NOTE: All sessions*) attendees will be given preferential Funk Factory membership options on tickets for Velvet mid 2010. And trust me, if you miss the opportunity to be part of this, you will kick yourself. We are not aiming just to please, we are aiming to absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY!


Growing up in Melbourne, the Pappa household was a household full of music. Anthony?s Dad played in
a band, and band practice was at casa Pappa: “I was always thinking music,” Anthony remembers, of
this outpost of Italy within the new world of Australia, “because as a family the house was always full of
music.” From the age of three or four Anthony was picking up sticks and joining the band on the drums,
leading to a 12-year education in the instrument, the ability to read and write music, and a lifelong love of
tight percussion and syncopation. “I was supposed to become a top drummer, that?s what my dad
wanted me to do,” Anthony recalls, but instead… he ran away and joined the disco.
At 13, Anthony first accessed dance music via the radio: recording shows, then tracking down the
music. At the same time, he taught himself to mix, and because of his technical background, was able to
do that before he even had decks, using a metronome to beat match. The loss of another Ringo Starr
was clubland?s gain. At 15, Anthony had already secured a residency at the 4000-capacity Metro (“my
dad used to drive me to the venue, drop me off and then come back four or five hours later to pick me up
because I was underage!”) and the same year, only two years after teaching himself to mix, he was
Australia?s DMC Champion. By 15, Anthony already possessed the technical skills that later would bring
him to the attention of fellow DJs and punters alike, as he evolved into “the DJ?s DJ”.
Yet still Anthony was thinking ahead. “I was ordering my music from London. It cost me a
fortune. I would ring all these record shops and get a DHL package with two or three days delivery, to be
as upfront as possible and be ahead of the other guys in Australia.” Such blue sky thinking became the
literal blue skies that that took Pappa to the UK. On advice from a friend he entered a competition to win
a set at Ministry of Sound, promptly won, and in 1994 packed up his record box for his first trip away
from Australia, playing Ministry and Up Yer Ronson in Leeds: “I was just blown away… seeing the club
scene over here in 94, I thought the place was amazing. Within six months I?d packed my bags and
come back.”
In the mid 90s the “sound du jour” was progressive house and Anthony was very much caught up
in that moment, taking his place on DJ magazine?s infamous “Nu-Breed” cover with Lee Burridge, Craig
Richards and Steve Lawler. Back then clubland was fractured but thankfully these days people are less
eager to stick labels on everything. “All DJs are playing all different kinds of music now,” says Anthony.
“Any DJ who plays one style of music… whatever it is… is going to be boring because it doesn?t go
anywhere. It?s the range in your style and set that makes it interesting. It?s not about playing techno or
house… it?s about playing good music.”
Anthony?s music was always more elegant and experimental, and that quickly brought him to the
attention of clubs and labels alike. He mixed the very first Nu-Breed CD for Global Underground, several
well-received Renaissance albums (two of which passed 100,000 sales) and as part of Freefall hit the
top 10 across Europe, taking his rightful place in the haloed booth alongside the UK?s DJ aristocracy. “I
saw posters of myself and I nearly crashed my car,” he says, smiling at the memory.
Anthony has played the biggest clubs on the planet and mixed the scene?s biggest selling
albums. But fuelled by endless energy for the music and a desire to play it for people, there is much,
much more to come. From the comfort of your home you can access Anthony via the radio show on
www.protonradio.com, but if you need to get closer, the hardest working man on the circuit spends much
of his time at the coalface of club culture, actually doing the job of the DJ, working the territories that love
him, from Eastern Europe to South America. “I?ve always been known amongst the other DJs as the
hard working guy who tries to do it all,” Anthony details. “Maybe it?s because I?ve come from Australia
and I?ve got that drive, to try and make it work for me over here.”
Now based in the UK Anthony recently set up a label, Red Light District, on which he will soon
release a single, Outback. Also out in April is Moments, a 3-CD mix album which gives Anthony the
space and the scope to really dig into all four corners of his record box. “It starts off with deep house,
then tech house, then finishes off with techno,” he explains. “And it goes through whatever in the middle
to get there!” A deep, urbane album, Moments progresses without necessarily being progressive and
true to form, is truly forward thinking. “People say ?progressive? is a bad word,” says Anthony, “but that?s
exactly what it is. At the end of the day… it?s all progressive.” Thankfully there are innovators like Pappa
prepared to do think that way, otherwise we?d all still be wearing flares and spinning Night Fever.
Anthony?s career has been as smooth as one of his mixes, and like his sets, continues to build
and evolve. But after the gigs, the productions, the tours and the compilations, Anthony Pappa remains
modest and circumspect about any highlights: “It?s all a highlight for me,” he admits. “The main highlight
is that I?m living my dream, and I?m doing it.”

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