268 Karangahape Road, Auckland

SONIKTONIK – 15/09/08 – FIORD live

Epaulette & Inkcoherent presents

Saturday 15/08/09 @ Ink & Coherent

$10 on the door

FIORD (live)
Turning Tricks (live)
Cyril Orson
Tim Richards
Hayden Strom
James Ohh!
Mark Pickering
Brooke Casey



Smoldering from the infamous Slowburning Studios at the bottom of the South Pacific this sultry electronic duo have been writing captivating beats and storming dance floors across the globe for the past 8 years. As FIORD unfolds, their sound reeks of a new approach, producing a textured techno rhythm far hotter than any branding iron ready to stamp its mark. Working closely with these outlaw ethics and pushing the envelope even further, recent results are already turning heads. Fiord sounds have been in high demand with the boys in 2008 headlining the Glade Festival (UK) and Rhythm and Vines (NZ) both stamped with the “it places to be”. Remix work has been sought after and picked up by Dieb Audio, Sprout, Underwater, Therapy Music, Whoop!, Flow Vinyl and Kasey Taylor and his new imprint eVapour8. With support and high praise from Hernan Cattaneo, D-nox, Frank Beckers, Anthony Pappa, Jim Rivers and John Digweed, Nick Warren, Eelke Kleijn, Djuma Soundsystem, Paul Oakenfold and Jamie Stevens the future is definitely moving Fiord.

+++++Turning Tricks+++++

Formed in 2007 by two thirds of The Tritones, Turning Tricks churn out a big, dirty sound which is unusually huge for a band with only two members.
Consisting of Eli Mulvay on bass/vocals, and Tim Lomas on drums/vocals, this dynamic duo have been honing a live set of tunes which moves even the most reserved party goer.
Over the past 2 years, Turning Tricks have been entertaining crowds at house parties & shows alike. From bfm’s “Fancy New Band” showcase, through to a North Island tour of New Zealand with The Twitch, to club nights such as SonikTonik, as well as dozens of house parties all over NZ, Turning Tricks bring it raw and create a frantic dancefloor wherever they plug in and kick off.
Turning Tricks have released 1 self-titled EP 2 months after they formed which is available from the band at shows or by contacting them through weareturningtricks@gmail.com. A second EP is due out in July 2009 which showcases their distinctive live dance music and an album is in the works.
Keep an ear out for these cats as they twist the dance genre and pack dance floors all over New Zealand!!

+++++Tim Richards+++++

In 2007 Tim Richards was voted best producer at the Auckland Nitelife awards. It was another step recognizing the international success of the local lad who grew up in Mangere Bridge. Tim’s tunes have been played by the best, Dj’s like Sasha (voted number 1 DJ in the world in 2000, and in the top 10 ever since) Simon Dunmore(Defected), King Unique(Curfew), Tony Humphries(New York), Nic Fanciulli(Saved), Stacy Kidd(Chicago), Magik Johnson(NRK) and Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1) and more!
Tim has played locally and internationally, London, San Fran, Dublin and all the Aussie hotspots, he’s familiar with most NZ clubs and recently finishing up the Corona George FM Summer Tour. Then there’s the radio show, ‘Signature Sounds’
2 – 4, Thursday afternoons on the now nationwide George FM (worldwide on the internet).
Tim’s had releases on international labels Galvanic (the new sub label of the famed Plastic City), Blockhead, Curfew, Grooved, Queep & Black Vinyl and remixes on Kinky Vinyl, Gung Ho!, Om, Queep and Defected. It’s a lot to take in, but Tim’s focused on keeping the tunes coming, he’s looking to innovate and to keep ahead of the pack. If you want to see the future, keep your eyes, and ears, on this man.

+++++Cyril Orson+++++

Frenchman Orson arrived in Auckland four years ago from France and has since caused quite a stir. He’s played along side the best visiting international DJs and stunned the Auckland club scene with his ‘Soniktonik’ nights at Ink and Coherent. Orson collaborates with the Strom brothers from Antix on the Triangle project, recently the Triangle tunes have been charting on London’s prestigious Kiss100.
Orson is known for his passion for music ranging from immaculate, touching house music to darker, spookier techno beats with a distinct post-punk flavour.

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