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Audio Harassment

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Saturday 20th March
Ink & Coherent (268 Karanahape Rd)
Defunct (US/UK)

Defunct! (USA/UK), Sam Hill, Dan Aux, Daniel Farley, Mark Emerson, Jaycen A’mour, U-Khan, Shaveer, Danny G, Joe B ,Corey K, OZ, Sidekicknick, Mitch Lowe and Jimmy P.


Defunct! is made up of two producers: Jack Stuart (UK) and Slade Templeton (USA)

Jaksaw (Jack Stuart) started his music career in the thriving house scene on England’s south coast producing tracks from a secret location in the heart of Bournemouth. It wasn’t long before Portsmouth based record label Nitrous discovered his unique brand of electro fused fidget and the first Jaksaw EP was born.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic….

Slade Templeton has been working as an electronic producer for years under various names and projects. He has been featured on releases with Metropolis Records [KMFDM’s album “Brimborium”] going to number 2 in the German Alternative Charts in early 2008. He is also part of The Chrono Logic with Dean Garcia of Sinead O’ Conner, The Eurythmics, KGC, and Curve with guest vocals featured by Rose Berlin. He has lived and worked in London England, Midwest, USA, and currently resides in Seattle Washington.

Facebook & Myspace has more and more become a serious weapon for the independent artists as a tool for networking and promotion and it was online that Velox and Jaksaw discovered a mutual love of the bass driven, dancefloor fodder, they now collaborate on… and after a few e-mails, Defunct! was born. The pair have not been put off by the vast stretch of water that separates them and if anything, they have worked harder to come up with some of the freshest sounding and toughest electro around today. Filthy, squelchy and gritty bass lines… tough and chunky beats with those glitchy f**ked up samples, make it nothing short as the order of the day in the Defunct! camp. Defunct! will keep you up to par with those floor fillers and dirty “underground” throbs. Keep your ears to the floor….Defunct! will tear the roof off of InkCoherent!!!

The actual event will be split into 2 zones so there is a range of music to enjoy and dance the night away to. The zones represent the 2 dance brands Audio Harassment has successfully put on for the last few months and what better idea to have them both on at the same time. The structure of the night will follow…

(Electro / Fidget / Dubstep)

Defunct! (USA/UK)
Sam Hill (Ministry of Sound/George FM)
Dan Aux (Vacation Records/Shopliftas)
Jaycen A’mour (Audio Harassment)
Danny G (Stomp!/Wobble)
Joe B & Corey K (Playground/Summer Nights)
OZ (Al Jazeera)

(Tech-House / Techno / House / Deep House / Minimal)

Daniel Farley (George FM/Torque)
Mark Emerson (George FM/HiFi)
U-Khan (Audio Harassment)
Shaveer (Deline)
Mitch Lowe (AYESAP/Union)
Jimmy P

Tickets only $20+BF Available from:

LOFT Fashion – (Botany Shopping Mall)
Route 66 (New Market)
Real Groovy (Queen Street)

!!!Limited Door Sales!!!

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